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KS1 Handy Homework Maths Pack

KS1 Handy Homework Maths Pack

A fantastic maths pack full of pieces of equipment used by children in school. This can be used by the children to help with their homework , build confidence with maths and make learning fun!

KS1 Handy Homework Maths Pack

This Handy Homework maths pack has been carefully put together to include pieces of equipment that your child will use at school. It can be easily used at home to help support children with their maths homework. It builds confidence, gives children strong visual images of number and makes learning fun!

Provided in a strong Zip wallet, the pack contains the following:

3 x double sided instruction cards

1 x 0-30 number line

1 x 0-100 number square

1 x set of HTU place value cards

2x dice

20 x counters

10 x base 10 unit cubes

2 x Base 10 rods

1 x 0-20 Number bead string

20 x StaKubes®

All items come in clearly labelled grip seal bags (with the exception of the number line and number square).

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