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"Giving my daughters something other than just their fingers to visualize numbers has been a great help with their maths homework."

Parent helping children with maths skillsHandy Homework offers ‘hands on’ help and support for parents, children and schools with their KS1 maths homework and Foundation Stage maths learning.

Our Handy Homework Maths Pack provides children and parents with actual equipment which is used in schools to support children in maths.

Handy Homework was started in 2011. We developed the concept of Handy Homework and KS1 and Foundation Stage Maths Packs with the much appreciated support of fellow teachers, head teachers, the former maths consultant for Swindon, parents and children.

The main aim of this website is to offer support to parents (Help and Advice for parents ) and providing maths equipment used by schools to parents and children so that they can be supported with their maths homework. Our Handy Homework Maths Packs contains everything a KS1 and Foundation Stage child would need to help them develop their number skills and build their confidence. All KS1 packs come with instructions (Online activity Booklet available for FS packs) but our website also has short videos showing you how to use each piece of equipment.

As well as offering our products to individual parents, we also work with schools. Schools will often buy the packs for their KS1 and even KS2 children to help support them with their maths homework and maths class work. While there is no official 'homework' at Foundation Stage (Reception) our packs are designed to give children access to fun, practical learning activities which will help them to build strong concepts of number from a young age.(See Help and Advice for teachers).

We hope you find everything you need on our website, but please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Email us: antonia@handyhomework.co.uk

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